ALA to Host 2021 Virtual Residential Lighting Training Course this February
Government Engagement Update
Government Engagement Update

It is an understatement to say that 2020 did not go as planned. There was much talk of social-distancing, wearing masks, virtual everything and the new normal.

Sy Gerber Inducted into ALA Lighting Hall of Fame
ALA Seeks to End Bulb-in-the-Box in CA
Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Devices: Potential Health Risks in Residential Settings

Ultraviolet germicidal devices are rapidly entering the consumer market due to increased demand for sanitizing and germicidal capabilities in the face of COVID-19. But are they all safe? Such UV germicidal products may not be effective and when used improperly can cause damage to eyes and skin as well as to pets, plants, and home furnishings.

Ultraviolet-C (UVC) Germicidal Devices: What Consumers Need to Know

Consumer UVC germicidal devices are entering the market rapidly because of an increased demand for sanitizing and germicidal capabilities in the face of COVID-19. But are they all safe?

Information Resources: UV Germicidal Information

We have listed links to further reading on UV-C light. These are technical articles recommended by Terry McGowan, Dir. of Engineering, American Lighting Association.

ALA's Women in Lighting Launch New Mentor Matching Program

The Women in Lighting Committee has launched its mentor matching program, which is open to any woman who is an ALA member. All segments of the industry and all experience levels are welcome to join.

ALA BiNational Program Works to Drive Customers to Lighting Showrooms

The ALA BiNational Advertising and PR Program continues to drive homeowners into ALA showrooms for the latest lighting products.

ALA to Host Virtual Symposium with Leading Industry Experts

As people across the world adjust their lives to face new challenges, opportunity awaits in the lighting and home furnishings industries

DMC and ART Announce Hearts Awards

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Dallas Market Center (DMC) and the Accessories Resource Team (ART) announced a change to their annual ARTS Awards programming.

Nominations Open for 2020 Women in Lighting Leadership Award

ALA’s Women in Lighting (WIL) Committee is accepting nominations for the third annual Women in Leadership Award (WILLA) through Oct. 1. The 2020 Award will be presented to a deserving leader in the industry during January 2021 Lightovation in Dallas.

Design for Dynamic Light

To a certain extent, we can all take lighting for granted, but especially in commercial architecture, LED lighting can be truly dynamic, enabling virtually infinite variation in color temperature, color rendering and saturated color.

New Lighting Associates
ALA Members Donate to Support American Porphyria Foundation

The National Lighting Bureau (NLB) has collected 1,200 incandescent lightbulbs for the American Porphyria Foundation (APF).

Beautiful Light Made Simple: Lutron Launches New Architectural Lighting Solution with iOS App Control

Lutron Electronics recently announced the introduction of Athena: a simple, flexible, all-in-one solution that elevates everyday experiences with the magic of light. The debut is Lutron’s most significant commercial system release since April 2018, when they acquired Ketra.

Five Pitfalls of DIY Training in Your Retail Store
Lightrays - May / June 2020
Can Germicidal Lighting Combat COVID-19?

The use of germicidal lighting as a potential way to combat germs and viruses, including COVID-19, is receiving a lot of interest and publicity lately. Germicidal ultraviolet "light" or GUV refers to the technology of germicidal lighting, which utilizes ultraviolet-emitting sources. While GUV is a technology with great opportunity, it is more complicated than simply turning on a UV light.