Join us for the lighting industry event of the year at The Breakers Palm Beach, Sept. 22-24, 2024.



ALA Conference is the premier lighting industry event dedicated to education and networking. Join hundreds of leaders from across the industry as you immerse yourself in discussions about the future of the industry, business challenges and opportunities, changing technologies, customer experiences, and more. In addition to unique networking events designed to create lasting connections, we're launching education tracks, which will help guide your Conference experience and support your career and business growth.



From succession planning to managing multigenerational workforces, this track is designed to help you shine as a leader. You'll leave Conference with new, actionable steps to enhance your business, improve workplace functionality, and lead your company into the future.




What will tomorrow bring? Join us as we learn the forecast for upcoming trends and waht they mean in lighting design and the future of the industry. We will explore the different factors impacting lighting design and the industry and what you need to consider as you lead your business forward.




As the market changes so does the way we connect with our customers. We'll explore how you can utilize social media and creative marketing tactics to reach your customers in unique ways, create lasting impressions, and stand out from the competition. 




Technical advancements are impacting every aspect of the lighting industry. Whether you're an engineer or a designer, uderstanding what's happening now and what we can expect in the coming years will help keep you ahead of the curve.



The Breakers Palm Beach 

Founded on the sands of Palm Beach in 1896, The Breakers is beautiful property, rich with history. Once a "who's who" of the early 20th-century, boasting guests from the Rockefellers to J.P. Morgan, this September, The Breakers will be a "who's who" of the lighting industry. 

As always, ALA will have a discounted guest rate at the resort. Stay tuned for details on how to book using ALA's group rate.

Learn more about The Breakers here.

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