Consumer Research


In 2016, the ALA BiNational Advertising and PR Program, in partnership with Home Accents Today and Progressive Business Media, conducted research on consumer lighting buying habits. The research objectives were to seek a better understanding of how consumers think about, shop for and buy lighting. Specific research topics included:

  • The importance of lighting when designing a space.
  • Do buyers view lighting as a utility or design?
  • The lighting shopping and buying process, including where consumers find ideas and inspiration.
  • How long buyers plan to keep lighting fixtures.
  • Which product attributes are most important to buyers.
  • Details on who shops lighting showrooms and why.

The results of this research are available to ALA members as a tool for better understanding consumer buying habits. 


Click here to download a PDF of the research results


Click here to download a spreadsheet of the research results


Click here to download all text responses from the open-ended research questions