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Can Germicidal Lighting Combat COVID-19?

The use of germicidal lighting as a potential way to combat germs and viruses, including COVID-19, is receiving a lot of interest and publicity lately. Germicidal ultraviolet "light" or GUV refers to the technology of germicidal lighting, which utilizes ultraviolet-emitting sources. While GUV is a technology with great opportunity, it is more complicated than simply turning on a UV light.

Germicidal Ultraviolet Light - Technology Newsletter

Suddenly there is a growing interest in germicidal lighting. A quick look online or at manufacturers’ literature and websites shows a proliferation of germicidal lighting equipment from permanently installed luminaires to portables, including light wands and screw-in germicidal bulbs, all designed to decontaminate objects, materials or surfaces.

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Meeting minutes and notes for the 2019 ALA Engineering Committee Meeting.

Engineering and Technology Report

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A Guide to the Most Useful Lighting Technical Information

The internet is full of technical lighting resources, but deciphering which ones are correct, up to date and applicable to residential lighting can be difficult.

2018 Engineering Committee Meeting Minutes and Notes

Minutes, notes and presentations from the 2018 ALA Engineering Committee Meeting, held July 31 through Aug. 1 at Intertek Laboratories. 

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