Lighting Hall of Fame

The Lighting Hall of Fame was established in 2000 and is presented to individuals who have provided a lifetime of exceptional devotion to the industry, as well as to the ALA.  The selection criteria is based on their magnitude of success in the lighting industry, the number of years of service, their impact of their contributions to the industry and to the association, and their level of peer respect.

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Pillar of the Industry

The annual Pillar of the Industry awards recognize up to three ALA members (manufacturers’ representative, showroom and/or manufacturer) for their unique and meaningful service to advance the lighting industry and the ALA’s program and mission during the previous 18 months. Award recipients, nominated by ALA members and staff, are selected by the ALA Awards Committee.

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Larry Sayah Innovation Forum

The forum, sponsored by the ALA Charitable Endowment Fund, celebrates the innovative ideas lighting professionals are using in their businesses to advance the industry and increase the sale of lighting products.  Participants have developed and implemented new ideas in their businesses, and have seen these ideas to fruition and experienced the impact a truly innovative idea can have.  They present their innovation in a short multimedia presentation during the Larry Sayah Innovation Forum at the ALA Annual Conference.

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