Kellee Hollenback Hammond of Varaluz to Receive ALA Women in Lighting Leadership Award

The American Lighting Association’s (ALA) Women in Lighting (WIL) Committee recently announced the 2022 recipient of the Women in Lighting Leadership Award (WILLA) is Kellee Hollenback Hammond, Vice President of Sales at Varaluz.

ALA Government Engagement Update

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) published a long-awaited final rule officially establishing a minimum efficacy standard of 45 lpw for lamps.

ALA Seeks Assistance in Recognizing Lighting Industry HEARTS Award Nominee

The Accessories Resource Team (ART) and Dallas Market Center (DMC) recently announced they will again celebrate the HEARTS award category during the 33rd Annual ARTS Awards in January 2023. 

ALA to Host Committee Meetings This June

Each winter and summer during Lightovation, ALA hosts committee meetings.

ALA June Lightovation Schedule Announced

This June during Lightovation, ALA is hosting various events focused on bringing members together.

ALA Tech Forum

Join us and invite others interested in the technical aspects of residential lighting for this unique chance to discuss technical information with others in the industry and to get your questions answered.

Send an email to for the invite.

Program to Develop New Fixtures to Improve Sleep, Health and Well-Being.

Work one-on-one with the Light & Health Research Center (LHRC) at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City to develop new fixtures for your product line as well as lighting design recommendations to improve sleep, health and well-being. 


ALA Conference Keynote Speaker to Offer Insight into Real Estate Industry

During the 2022 ALA Conference in Austin, Texas, Real Estate Consultant John Burns will share his firm’s views on the shifts in the housing market, digging into the details of what is happening across the country.

ALA Members Lower Shipping Costs

In 2021, ALA members saved 98458.38* through our UPS® Savings Program.