ALA Certification Programs Cover the Latest Technical Information

New Training Manual Brings Fresh Opportunities

Professional certifications are an excellent way to demonstrate knowledge and expertise to customers and industry peers alike. ALA members have exclusive access to the industry’s leading residential lighting training materials and certification programs.

ALA’s latest update to its certification curriculum came last year, when it released the fully revised Residential Lighting Training Manual (RLTM), which is the basis for earning ALA’s Lighting Specialist (LS) designation. The RLTM is the most comprehensive training guide in the residential lighting industry, containing information ranging from technical knowledge to sales skills.

"A primary objective of the committee involved in the re-write was to update and integrate changes in light sources, with particular emphasis on the impact of LEDs. This impact has affected all aspects of the industry and these changes are now reflected in every module and unit within the RLTM," said Joe Rey-Barreau, AIA, IES, who led the volunteer committee in the manual update process.

These updates make the RLTM an invaluable resource to those new to the industry and seasoned veterans alike. "I have been in the business for quite some time, and to have so much information at my fingertips is absolutely great," said Gloria De Anda, LS, co-owner of Arizona Lighting Co. of Yuma Inc., who recently took a four-day RLTM course with Rey-Barreau. "I go through the manual on a particular subject every other couple of weeks, and it’s amazing how I always learn something new. I have to say that is my favorite part," De Anda added.

As Rey-Barreau notes, the changes in technology that have recently occurred and that continue to evolve, are creating exciting new opportunities in the residential lighting industry. The RLTM now provides key information to help ALA members take advantage of these new opportunities to enhance their businesses.

The content in the manual is designed to allow members to complete the training and pass the final LS exam on their own time from the comfort of their home or office. There is space for notes in the side of the manual, and sections are broken down to allow members to study at their own pace. The updated RLTM is more condensed and the narrative is more fluid and easier to read. Members can purchase and began studying the manual at any time.

"Understanding the basics of residential lighting is critical to the success of anyone working in the lighting showroom industry," said Peter Romaniello, IALD, of Conceptual Lighting, LLC. "The manual provides the information needed to increase their knowledge and professionalism."

With the updates to the manual, the association has also offered more in-person opportunities than ever before, including four live training courses last year in which participants earned their LS designations at the end of the training. Additional courses are planned for the 2019 year, and members are encouraged to keep track of the latest opportunities online at, or through ALA’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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