Stylish Outdoor Fixtures Built to Last

Summer is when your customers begin to prepare their homes for crisp, cool fall evenings and beyond. Is your showroom well stocked with durable outdoor fixtures?

When interior and floral designer Amanda Lankford was remodeling her home, she knew she had to focus on the outdoors as much as the interiors. 

“We have a brick home and brick tends to be hard to match well with exterior fixtures at times. Also, in our neighborhood, we needed to adhere to the HOA’s guidelines and get their approval. So, going with a funky fixture was not going to fly. When I work with clients, I suggest picking a subtle exterior fixture that complements their home’s style and their taste.”

Amanda chose the Braden 3-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern from Capital Lighting for her front porch. Braden offers a hint of craftsman character paired with a touch of industrial detail. Its mission-style design featuring a straight profile and clean lines complements the home’s beautiful brick exteriors, creating the cozy, welcoming feel she wanted. Plus, it’s durably crafted to hold up against the elements for many seasons to come.

“Placement and the size of the fixture are key. You want the fixture to complement the house, not overpower it or even look too small. You could either flank your front door to create an inviting entrance or position a single light for the outside patio to stand on its own because it has lots of personality to show off. Fixtures that are done well can stand on their own and look beautiful without the help of any other design,” she says. 

Outdoor spaces are no longer afterthoughts in a home’s design and decor plan. Today’s interior designers and trend-savvy customers treat outdoor spaces with the same thought and consideration given to any prominent room inside the home. The outdoors set the stage for the rest of the home, create a welcoming ambience and provide a spot to relax in, gather with friends and family or to steal a few quiet moments in the midst of a hectic day. An outdoor area, whether it is a small porch or deck or a large patio that opens to an expansive yard, needs to be styled and decorated to match both the functional and practical requirements of the space as well as the cohesive design aesthetics that tie it in with the rest of the house. 

Cynthia of Cynthia Porche Interiors, an Atlanta-based interior design firm says, “When selecting exterior lighting fixtures, scale and balance of the exterior architecture is my rule of thumb. Your light fixtures should always complement the architectural design of your home and command a beautiful presence, but never overpower the overall exterior. Outdoor lighting can seem very large in a showroom but become much smaller when viewed from afar."  

Products developed for the outdoors must rise to the challenge of marrying form with function, durability with attractive design and visually appealing style combined with construction that stands up to the elements. 


When it comes to exterior lighting fixtures, key considerations include:

Function: The primary purpose of exterior lighting is to make outdoor areas safer and more easily accessible after dark.  

Durability: Is the fixture wet rated? Does its finish hold up against the elements be it harsh sunlight, humidity, rain or snow? Will it resist fading and rusting? 

Style: Does the fixture complement the architectural style of the house, the type and color of the exterior walls and the overall mood of the space?

Compliance: Outdoor fixtures need to comply with HOA guidelines. Fixtures that produce a harsh glare, cause excessive light pollution or deviate from the community’s architectural and aesthetic style are not ideal choices.

Convenience: Over time, fixtures will tend to collect dust, may need bulbs replaced or glass cleaned. How easy is the fixture to clean and maintain? Does it have a door to access bulbs or an open base that minimizes dust collection? 



Capital Lighting introduced the Rain or Shine series of outdoor lighting fixtures in 2018. Featuring 10 new collections catering to a range of home architecture and design styles, these fixtures are designed to check all the boxes on a customer’s consideration list be it related to style, function or durability. These exterior fixtures are designed to stand up to the elements season after season. 


Durable construction: These fixtures are crafted of non-ferrous, non-corrosive materials such as aluminum, brass or stainless steel that do not rust, and feature thick, weather-resistant, tempered glass.

Weather-resistant finish: The fixtures are finished in Black or Oiled Bronze, and treated with a UV-inhibiting coating to prevent fading from sun exposure. 

Rigorous testing: Rain or Shine fixtures undergo a thorough testing process to ensure they hold up against exposure to UV, humidity and a number of environmental conditions.

5-Year Warranty: Rain or Shine fixtures are backed by a 5-year warranty protection against rusting and fading and are designed to stay looking like new for years to come.

Thoughtful features: Many of these fixtures feature access doors to make cleaning inner surfaces and bulb replacement a breeze. Others have open bases that prevent dust and bugs from collecting. 

Variety of Styles: From traditional to craftsman and everything in between, customers can select styles that best complement their homes. Features range from clear and organic glass to opaque shades that reduce light pollution.

Your customers are sure to love everything Rain or Shine outdoor fixtures have to offer. 

Visit to view all the options.

This article was provided by Captial Lighting. The main photo accompanying this post is by Four Corners Photography, featuring Amanda Lankford with the Braden 3-Light Outdoor Wall Lantern by Capital Lighting.

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