2018 Engineering Committee Meeting Minutes and Notes

Minutes, notes and presentations from the 2018 ALA Engineering Committee Meeting, held July 31 through Aug. 1 at Intertek Laboratories. 

ALA Engineering Committee - Annual Technical Meeting Minutes

2018 Director's Report - McGowan

Government Engagement Update - Weems

California Title 20 and Title 24 - Primous

California Prop 65 - Gato and Weems

Interchangeability - Bloomfield

Integrated LED Luminaires - Thermal Performance Design Issues - Porter

LED Drivers Power Quality - Mendoza

ANSI C137 Update - O'Boyle

RP-11 Introduction - McGowan

CSA Standards Update - Yearwood and Mereuta

FCC and IES 005 Trends Update EMI - Mendoza

UL Standards Update - Joseph

Zhaga Update - Bloomfield

Lighting Control Safety Standards - Berlin

NEC 2020 First Draft - O'Boyle

Adoption of NEC - Berlin

HINS Bacteria Killing LED - Simoni

Light & Health News - McGowan




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