New Conference Networking Activity Focuses on Building True Connections Through Play

New Conference Networking Activity Focuses on Building True Connections Through Play

When asked why they attend ALA Conference, members consistently name networking opportunities as one of the top reasons. This year, during the ALA Annual Conference in Phoenix, Ariz., Sept. 15 - 17, attendees will experience a new networking activity, hosted by Fundamentals of Play, which is centered on building authentic connections in a fun, playful environment.

One of the challenges of any networking event is breaking down walls and meeting new people. Fundamentals of Play Chief Fun Officer Luis Serrano utilizes playful activities and positive psychology to open up participants’ minds and help them find themselves in the most fun way possible. All ALA Conference goers, from long-time attendees to first timers, will have fun breaking down walls so that they can participate in authentic and impactful networking that will last throughout the event and beyond.

"In today’s world we live in a comfort zone of technology and a lack of truly connecting with people in an authentic way," said ALA member and sales representative for Visual Comfort, Jodie Orange, ID, LS, LN, who experienced a Fundamentals of Play workshop last year during another event. "Luis’ energy and ability to break down walls and barriers through play is addictive, uplifting and inspiring."

In addition to the networking activity, Serrano will also host a breakout session titled The Power of Storytelling Playshop. This session will explore the science behind telling better stories to connect and engage more effectively with others. Attendees will learn how effective storytelling can add an emotional dimension and why it has become an instrumental tool in modern selling.

Fundamentals of Play activities are known to help attendees learn to follow their instincts and bring innovation into the workplace; react positively and embrace change, challenges and new ideas; improve active listening and communication; and help with everyday teamwork and problem solving.

The Fundamentals of Play workshop will occur Monday, Sept. 16, after the business lunch, and is part of the regular conference programming. To register for ALA Conference, visit

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