Retail Showrooms
Membership Dues

Showroom/Distributor membership with American Lighting Association is open to any company, partnership, corporation or other entity that operates a brick and mortar lighting showroom whose primary or secondary order of business is the distribution and sale of lighting products.

The association lobbies hard for members on lighting and business issues. We have created alliances to make certain energy-efficiency regulations are practical for members while still reducing energy use; and we are fighting for harmonization so that the lighting industry is not forced to produce special products to meet state or provincial laws.

We also offer member showrooms these programs and benefits:

  • Education and Training Programs. The association's extensive training program will help you and your staff stay up to date on the latest lighting sales and design techniques. Our popular webinar courses are especially convenient, requiring no travel expenses and only one hour off of the sales floor.

  • Top-Notch Free Marketing Tools and Sales Leads. To help stimulate business, the ALA BiNational PR and Advertising program is producing advertising and PR materials as well as a new quarterly consumer e-newsletter that showrooms can send to their customers. The new ALA turnkey “lead generation program” provides consumer contact information to your showroom within 24 hours of their calling the ALA helpline.

  • Lighting Magazine. Produced by the ALA and Better Homes and Gardens, Lighting is the only lighting-exclusive consumer publication in North America and features product information from ALA member manufacturers. Free copies are distributed to our showroom members.

  • Showroom Performance/Profitability Survey. The ALA Showroom Performance/Profitability Survey is a free service offered to ALA showroom members. The survey provides ALA showrooms with information to help them analyze their business and run it profitably. The aggregate report, available only to participating showrooms, presents a wealth of financial and operating guidelines and emphasizes actions that may help improve business success through clear, easily-understood steps. To learn more, click here.

  • Technology Updates. The ALA’s engineering resources allow us to effectively interface with business and government on lighting technology advances, keeping our members on top of changing technologies and requirements.

  • Internet Exposure. The ALA’s showroom locator service on the ALA website and the Better Homes and Garden’s website allows thousands of consumers to search for showrooms by zip code. 

Payments or contributions to your association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Payments or contributions to your association are not deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Payments may be deductible as a business expense. If in doubt, please consult your tax advisor.