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The ALA Government Engagement program works with international, federal and state/provencial governmental agencies, environmental groups, as well as standard and code organizations that influence how lighting products are designed, manufactured and sold.




September 18, 2023
General Service Lamp Definitions
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September 6, 2023
Energy Conservation Standards for Ceiling Fans, Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
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April 28, 2023
April ALA Public Policy Updates
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February 1, 2023
ALA Government Engagement Update
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February 1, 2023
CCMS Reporting Certification and Templates
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CCMS Reporting Certification and Templates

CF and CFLK Certification – 1 Month Away

March 1, 2023 is the due date for annual certification to DOE’s CCMS web site for ceiling fans and ceiling fan light kits. This year is notable because DOE is requiring the use of new templates that require additional data points than previous versions.


ALA strongly encourages manufacturers to review the new templates and to begin the certification process as early as possible to avoid confusion or missed deadlines.


The new ceiling fan template is v5.8 and the new ceiling fan light kit template is v5.0.


Download the templates below.

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