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Aired: May 29, 2024 speaker: Lightbob, aka Robert Lanteigne, Senior Lighting Designer,, The Lighting Agora Credit: 1 CLC Fee: Free for ALA Members, $20 for Non -Members

The ALA webinar where we unravel the mysteries of lighting effects without the
complexity of jargon. Whether you're a Distributor, Electrician, Designer, Architect, or simply a lighting enthusiast, our discussions are tailored to illuminate the subject in clear, accessible language.

In this webinar, we will delve into the two primary types of lighting distribution patterns that allow anyone to clearly understand and describe any lighting concept without using technical jargon.  These luminaire distribution patterns, known as General Diffuse lighting and and Directional lighting, simplify the complexities of lighting design, making it accessible and comprehensible to all.

By exploring these luminaire fundamental patterns, we aim to demystify the technical aspects of lighting, enabling everyone from industry professionals to everyday enthusiasts to grasp and discuss lighting more effectively.
Dive into the world of the Non-Technical Language of Light, with us, where clarity meets creativity.

About the Instructor: 


Robert Lanteigne is a visionary master lighting designer renowned for his exceptional expertise and artistic flair in custom lighting design. Affectionately known as, Robert has illuminated the world for over four decades with his passion for creating captivating lighting experiences.


With a background in theater and as a seasoned electrician, Robert’s journey into the realm of lighting design was fatefully destined. His love for theatrical lighting ignited a spark that led him on a path of exploration, earning a master’s degree from Parson’s School of Design, and eventually founding his own esteemed academy.

As the founder of, Robert’s artistic journey has taken him far beyond the conventional boundaries of lighting design. From conceptual pen-and-paper sketches to breathtaking fusion and blowned glass custom fabrication, he has seamlessly integrated the timeless with the innovative, making him a pioneer in the industry.

Drawing from his vast experience, Robert initiates each project with a captivating narrative, where he attentively listens to clients’ dreams and visions. With meticulous attention to detail, he curates lighting solutions that perfectly blend aesthetics and functionality, transforming spaces into ethereal realms of light.

Through his enlightening seminars, Robert’s knowledge has inspired and enriched countless architects, engineers, manufacturers, and artists worldwide. A beacon of creativity, his lectures at conferences and mentoring of university students continue to shape the future of lighting design. stands as a testament to Robert’s lifelong commitment to reveal spaces with unparalleled elegance and artistry. As clients embark on the illuminating journey with Lightbob, they find themselves captivated by the transformative power of light, with each bespoke design weaving an enchanting tapestry of brilliance.





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