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Lutron Eliminates the Guesswork and Frustration of Pairing the Right Dimmer to the Lighting Load, Ensuring Job Readiness and Saving Time

New from Lutron: The Maestro C·L PRO Dimmer Gets You On and Off Jobs Quickly

Lighting control leader Lutron Electronics is helping contractors save time with a flexible new dimmer that works with most lighting loads. The new Maestro C·L PRO dimmer offers superior dimming performance of LEDs, low-voltage, incandescent, and halogen lighting, reducing the likelihood that you’ll arrive to the jobsite with a dimmer that’s unsuitable for the project. An optional neutral connection makes the Maestro C·L PRO dimmer an ideal solution for most jobs. 

Matt Swatsky, Vice-President, Residential Mid-Market Business at Lutron said the Maestro C·L PRO dimmer is a definite timesaver.  The new dimmer eliminates the task of pairing the right dimmer with the right lighting load, helping contractors be ready for any job, while saving time and decreasing callbacks.

Neutral Wire Flexibility
The Maestro C·L PRO dimmer was designed with an optional neutral wire connection, which is key, since many older homes are not equipped with neutral wiring. When a neutral wire isn’t available, the Maestro C·L Pro dimmer will deliver Lutron-quality dimming of LED, incandescent, and halogen sources. A neutral connection will offer improved dimmer performance by enabling Lutron’s real-time illumination stability system (RTISS) technology to further improve light stability (flicker), buzzing, and dimming range. 

On-the-Job Readiness
The Maestro C·L Pro dimmer features field-changeable front plastics, allowing installed faceplates to be quickly and easily swapped for the desired color – without any rewiring.  

“Labor shortages and busy schedules require timesaving approaches on every job,” said Swatsky. “This flexible dimmer with field-changeable colors will help contractors stay focused and get on and off their jobs quickly without the hassle of running out for a different product.”

The Maestro C·L Pro dimmer will be available at electrical distributors starting May 10th with a suggested list price of $79. The dimmer will be offered in Lutron’s gloss and satin colors and finishes. Visit www.lutron.com/CLforPRO for more information.

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