ALA Conference Keynote Speakers to Address Topics Focused on Building Business Success

ALA Conference Keynote Speakers to Address Topics Focused on Building Business Success

This September, the lighting industry will head to Asheville, N.C., for the 2018 ALA Annual Conference. The theme of the event is to reinvent, reawaken and revitalize.

Keynote presentations on topics such as building a lasting relationship with customers through experience and service, designing and selling to the next generation of consumers, as well as staying ahead in times of economic uncertainty will leave attendees with the knowledge and ideas needed to return home with a fresh ideas and newfound determination.

Customer Service with a Focus
Two of the keynote addresses during the event will focus on the critical tools and practices businesses need to earn and retain customers. On Tuesday, Sept. 25, during the opening breakfast session, David Arvin, one of the most in-demand business marketing and customer experience speakers in the world today, will speak on earning and keeping customer’s in today’s unique environment.

As Arvin says, the greatest source of lost revenue for a business is the prospect they never knew about. In his keynote address, Arvin will discuss how companies can earn and keep customers when patience is fleeting and alternatives are only a short drive or a click away. There is a monumental shift occurring in buyer behavior and expectations. Arvin will shine a light on this while covering how each team member in a business plays a unique role in eliminating barriers, engaging prospects and creating customer experiences worth sharing.

Today’s customers have stronger voices and more options than ever before, and exceptional customer service is often the difference between a onetime shopper and a loyal customer. Over the past 120 years, the Biltmore Estate has centered its business philosophy around the customer experience, ultimately creating an icon that is synonymous with quality, customer service and hospitality. During the breakfast session on Wednesday, Sept. 26, Anna Sullins from Biltmore Center for Professional Development, will discuss how their embedded service philosophy, consistently applied in every customer interaction, has led to The Biltmore Estate’s long-standing reputation for exceptional customer service and friendly employees.

The Next Generation of Customers
The topic of appealing to and connecting with the millennial generation is nothing new, but this group does not just behave differently than previous generations, they have an entirely new idea of what a home should be and how they want to live. In her keynote address on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 25, renowned market researcher, author and retail expert Pam Danziger will explore the huge millennial population with higher incomes and higher lifetime earning potential, known as HENRYs (high-earners-not-yet-rich). These HENRY millennials are the best prospects for high-end home furnishing and lighting retailers and manufacturers. Danziger will explain why what worked selling to previous generations will not work when selling to HENRY millennials. Using her in-depth research of the world’s most powerful consumers, she will identify 10 design trends to capture the attention, imagination and spending of the next-generation affluent consumer.

Economic Success in Times of Uncertainty
Brian Beaulieu is one of North America’s most sought-after and informed economists. As CEO of ITR Economics, Beaulieu has been deeply engaged in applied research regarding business-cycle trend analysis and the utilization of that research at a practical business level. During his keynote address on the morning of Wednesday, Sept. 26, Beaulieu will explain how the economic outlook for the next four years has more upside potential than downside threat. He will examine data customized for the lighting industry to provide take-aways that include why ALA members want to be gearing up for the rise, how to maximize profitability, and what pitfalls potentially await. This hard-hitting, unique presentation will leave attendees with specific ideas and understanding of what they need to do to see economic prosperity over the next few years, regardless of what the market encounters.

All of these keynote presentations will be followed up by breakout education sessions throughout the event. Learn more about seminar topics and conference activities and register today at

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