Showroom Sales Survey

The ALA Showroom Performance/Profitability Survey is a free service, conducted biennially, available to all ALA showroom members. The survey provides information to help showrooms analyze their business and run it profitably. The aggregate report, which is only available to those showrooms who participate in the survey, presents a wealth of financial and operating guidelines. It also emphasizes clear, understandable actions showrooms can take to attain business success.

Participating showrooms will receive the following:

  • PAR Report: This confidential report, which will be sent directly to participants, provides a critique, specific to that showroom, detailing actions to improve financial results. It will also compare your company with similar participating companies.

  • Profit Report: This is an overview document that summarizes the results of the financial benchmarking survey and provides an industry report to those interested in expanding their company and maximizing growth opportunities.

  • Profit Toolkit Online: Participants have access to an online Excel spreadsheet to assist in financial planning, with access to instructions included in the yearly PAR Report.

Participation in the survey provides a personalized report that encapsulates key financial ratios so that showrooms can understand the implications of inventory turnover, gross margin and operating expenses, sales per employee, average collection period, and much more.

The survey is managed by a third-party company, The Profit Planning Group. They recognize each showroom's data is highly confidential and enforce strict security measures. The aggregate results do not reveal individual participant data. Participants send the financial information to The Profit Planning Group, and the final report is sent directly back to the participant.

To learn more or participate in the survey, members may contact Cecilia Chavez-Zoch.