ALA BiNational Advertising & PR Program


ALA's BiNational Advertising & Public Relations Program is the only U.S. and Canadian consumer program promoting lighting, control and ceiling fan sales through the independent lighting showroom. Quite simply, the success of ALA's BiNational Program, created in 1998, can be summed up in one statement:

Last year, the ALA BiNational Program's ad campaign resulted in more than 280,000 clicks to the ALA website and more than 42 million impressions for ALA-member showrooms.

Through a joint venture with Meredith Publishing, ALA each year produces Lighting, a consumer magazine that is distributed through ALA lighting stores, newsstands and in bookstores. This publication features the latest products and trends in lighting, dimming controls and ceiling fans.

The national advertising campaign promotes lighting showrooms as the place to purchase lighting with full-page color ads appearing in numerous well-known consumer magazines such as Traditional Home, Elegant Homes and Decor.

Additionally, the ALA and its members are promoted on such popular consumer websites as YouTube, Facebook and the Better Homes and Gardens' website. 

The public relations component reaches out to some 4,500 print and online editors across North America through monthly placement of stories about lighting, fans, dimming controls and energy efficiency. Together, this combined marketing strategy has generated more than 480,000 sales leads for lighting showrooms since the program's inception. 

There are also other various advantages of being a member of the ALA BiNational Advertising & PR Program, read on to learn more. 


Lighting Magazine
ALA members who contribute to the BiNational Advertising & PR Program receive free copies of Lighting magazine to distribute to their customers. Additionally, advertising space and photo features in the magazine are reserved exclusively for ALA manufacturer members. Find out more about the magazine.


Submit Photos
ALA members who contribute to the BiNational Advertising & PR Program may submit photos for use on ALA blogs, newsletters Instagram and Lighting magazine. Submit Photos.


Bright Ideas E-newsletter
This e-newsletter, produced monthly and distributed to over 100,000 consumers, is also available to BiNational Program members for customization and distribution to their email marketing lists. See issues of Bright Ideas here.


Press Releases
Throughout the year, ALA produces professionally written, customizable press releases, which ALA BiNational Program members are encouraged to distribute through their websites, blogs and social media; or send to local media. See a full list of these releases here


The BiNational Advertising & PR Program funds industry research, which is exclusively available to member contributors. Most recently, the program funded detailed consumer research on how people shop for lighting, which is available here.

ALA is commited to growing the lighting business and strengthening the showroom channel of distribution. Your financial support of the BiNational Advertising & PR Program is vital to its success.

To receive more information on any of the above materials, or to find out how you can become a supporter, contact Larry Lauck, ALA executive vice president.