Let’s Talk About the Color of Light!

With the emergence of new lighting technologies and the expected dominance of LED in the next decade, the color of light has and will continue to become increasingly important. To appropriately use and specify light in this new era, it is crucial that an understanding of the color of light becomes as familiar as all other elements of good design.

What Will Be Covered:
 Natural and Artificial Light
 What is the Color of Light?
 How the Color of Light is Measured
 Pending Changes to Color Measurement
 Why Color Looks Different Under Different Light
 Using the Color of Light in Designs

Learning Objective:
1. An understanding of what “the color of light” means
2. Participants will learn the way in which color is quantified so it may be understood and appropriately used
3. How the color of light alters surrounding surfaces, often in a peculiar way will be shown and explained
4. Easy to remember parameters for light choice will be shared and taught
5. Information on how to use the color of light to the benefit of the design project, will be shared

About the Instructor: 
Jeffrey is an internationally known lighting expert whose in-depth knowledge and capabilities allow him to translate design concepts into functional products that optimize lighting in residential projects. He has helped the design community understand the complexity of new and emerging technologies, providing relatable, easy-to-comprehend explanations. His long career and expertise have made him a “go-to” resource for trade, design and consumer trends journalists, who rely on him for quotes, design knowledge and articles. He is also a creator of fine art and writing for personal enjoyment. Jeff was honored with the American Lighting Association’s 2015 Pillar of the Industry Award.

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