The Hidden Fees of Credit Card Processing – How to Increase Your Profitability During the Covid-19 Pandemic

As we become a cashless society, accepting credit cards as a form of payment is growing exponentially in both your retail stores, with internet sales and purchases from your wholesale lighting companies.   Did you know your card processing system could be costing you more than it should? In this session, presented by Jeff Shavitz, President of Merchant Advocate (his company is the processor for the ALA and former educational author to the payments industry, will share  what you need to know about the unregulated credit card processing industry, including:


  • Why business-to-business transactions are different than business-to-consumer transactions
  • The tactics processors use to bury fees
  • How to read between the lines of complicated monthly statements
  • The importance of breach protection and PCI compliance
  • How you can avoid the most common fees and increase your profitability

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