Mkt- Connected Lighting – Lunch and Learn

: Peter Romaniello, IALD

Connected Lighting – Lunch and Learn
Instructor: Peter Romaniello, IALD | Owner, Conceptual Lighting, LLC
Time: 12 – 1 p.m.
About this seminar:
Connected Lighting has become one of the more popular industry buzz words since society has shifted to an overall connected lifestyle. This can mean different things to different clients/customers. During this seminar, Romaniello will discuss lighting professional’s role as a guide to the right solution that will meet customers’ needs. The seminar will address:
     - How to identify a client’s needs and expectations
     - The difference between a simple solution, like an Alexa enabled device, and a full-blown control system
     - Who is in charge of setting up/programming devices after they are sold
     - Whether a showroom/office is set up to address issues after sale
     - Some of the current technologies that are available, and whether there is a direct correlation between cost and quality

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