Certification Programs

Lighting Associate

The Lighting Associate (LA) Program of courses covers the basics of lighting and lighting design. Each course is around 40-45 minutes in length and explains the fundamentals of the subjects described below. The courses are offered for ALA members in webinar format with voiceover.

Lighting Specialist

To receive the Lighting Specialist (LS) designation, ALA members must purchase and review the Residential Lighting Training Manual and pass a final exam. This manual is the only training manual that encompasses every aspect of the residential lighting industry, including industry trends, technology and technical developments. The LS final exam may be taken online by contacting the ALA.

Certified Lighting Manufacturers Representative

The Certified Lighting Manufacturers Representative (CLMR) accreditation program is designed to recognize the important role Manufacturer's Representatives play in the lighting industry, as well as provide training for those new to the industry.

Certified Lighting Consultant

The Certified Lighting Consultant (CLC) designation is the highest offered by the ALA. Members must first earn their Lighting Specialist designation, then, complete the required hours of board certification, complete the CLC form and order the CLC blueprint exam, and finally, complete and pass the CLC blueprint exam.