Socketed vs. Integrated LED Luminaires

A guidance document for residential and hospitality luminaire manufacturers

Selecting the proper light source for a luminaire has become a complex and confusing choice for many luminaire manufacturers. In particular, when developing LED luminaires the designer is faced with the choice of whether to create a luminaire with integrated LEDs, or utilize sockets that can accept a standard lamp. This decision becomes even harder as the prices of LED lamps become lower and availability of lamp options increases.

The purpose of this guidance document is to provide helpful information that will assist manufacturers of residential and hospitality luminaires make the choice between socketed and integrated design approaches.  This document is not intended to support or favor any particular design. Manufacturers can use this as a resource to carefully select the proper light source design based on the customer, product, and application needs.

Information in this document was developed by ALA manufacturers and stakeholders. This guidance is based on many years of product development experience and sales of lighting solutions to building owners, consumers, retailers, showrooms, hospitality, and various other lighting customers.

This guidance document is not intended to be a specification. Note that all applicable Safety and Certification requirements for luminaires should always be followed.

Download and view the full guidance document here.