Title 24: 2019 Residential Lighting Changes

The requirements for JA-8 high-efficacy remain largely unchanged. However, there are some items worth noting. 

Products certified under the 2019 Title 24 standards must be labeled with the updated “JA8-2019” marking

Existing products certified under the 2016 Standards with the “JA8-2016” marking may be used for compliance under the 2019 standards
These products do not need to be retested or relisted in the CEC’s Modernized Appliance Efficiency Database System

Step and path lights are not required to be high-efficacy light sources or controlled by occupancy sensor if they are rated at 5W or less and emit 150lm or less

CEC is already working on developing the 2022 Standard. ALA will monitor its development to ensure changes to the residential lighting portion remain palatable to industry.