Tariff Update

USTR Announces Exclusion Process for List 4A

Late last week, the USTR issued a statement that exclusion requests for products on List 4A will be accepted, beginning Oct. 31. Requests must be submitted using USTR’s Exclusions Process Portal.

List 4A included an additional tariff of 10-percent and took effect on Sept. 1. ALA is happy to assist any member with affected product that wants to submit a request.

By way of a reminder, ceiling fans and LEDs are on List 4B.

U.S. and China Reach Agreement on Phase 1 Deal

Additional tariffs on Lists 1-3 were delayed as a result of the progress that was made during negotiations earlier this month. The additional 5-percent tariff that was expected to take effect on Oct. 15 was put on hold as a result of the Phase 1 deal announced by both sides.

While the Phase 1 deal is welcome news, it does very little to relieve American consumers of the burden created by the additional tariffs. ALA encourages the Trump administration to continue to work toward a comprehensive trade deal.

Current tariff levels:
List 1           25 percent
List 2           25 percent
List 3           25 percent
List 4A        15 percent
List 4B        15 percent, expected effective date of Dec.15

List 3 Exclusion Request Update

ALA supported members in submitting more than 150 exclusion requests for products on List 3. In total, over 30,000 requests were submitted. Thus far the USTR has published two lists of granted exclusions and has indicated that additional exclusions for List 3 will be announced in the coming weeks.

As the tariff saga evolves, ALA will continue to support members and keep them informed on the latest developments.