Manufacturers' Sales Survey

The ALA Manufacturers’ Sales Survey is a valuable free service provided exclusively to ALA manufacturer members.

Participants receive valuable, up-to-date industry data on lighting fixture sales by product category. Each category is separated by ENERGY STAR and non-ENERGY STAR qualified products. Detailed graphs going back to 2009 give participants an excellent picture of long-term industry trends.

The ALA Manufacturers’ Sales Surveys provides extremely valuable data, including:

1)      Lighting fixture, ceiling fans and accessory sales data, itemized per product category.

2)      Sales data for five distribution categories, including internet, showroom, big box/DIY, electrical distributor and other.

Data is for the survey and distribution report is submitted yearly, January – December.

The manufacturers’ data is submitted electronically (Upload an Excel document or sign into the database) through the National Electrical Manufacturing Association (NEMA) Data Link center.

When NEMA receives all participating manufacturers’ sales data, they tabulate the results and email the aggregate report to participants. Only ALA manufacturers that participate in the survey are privy to this exclusive data

All information is submitted directly to NEMA who compiles the data and then distributes the results to participants. In this way, confidentiality is assured.

We encourage you to take advantage of this valuable, free service.

Email Cecilia Chavez-Zoch or call her at 214-460-8814, or email Eric Jacobson or call him at 800-605-4448, ext. 224 with any questions.